Most buildings have a single source of energy - the grid. Because you are limited to that single source, you are exposed to whatever price structure is imposed on you by your local utility. You are also susceptible to whatever blackouts, brownouts, spiking and other power quality occurrences that happen in your location. These random and destructive power disturbances can affect or even destroy electronics employed throughout your facility.



You decide what you want your PUPP to do for you!! The PUPP by itself will help:

Minimize damaging power events
Avoid damaging effects of temporary power outages
Reduce demand charges by peak shaving. Peak shaving is the ability to control your usage from the utility during intervals of high demand in order to limit or reduce demand penalties for the billing period
Be prepared for major emergencies when grid energy is not available

Be Your Own Utility:

Create your own energy onsite and lower your utility energy bill!

You can reduce your utility electricity bill by adding a solar / wind / nat-gas system to the PUPP. All energy from your new solar / wind / nat-gas plant flows through the PUPP creating a Grid Assist system.

By constantly monitoring the energy sources and power requirements, the PUPP always knows the amount of electricity being drawn, the amount of electricity being generated and the ‘state of charge’ of the storage system. The system keeps track of how your energy load fluctuates with time (ie. evenings and weekends).


PUPP Takes You Off-Grid:


What Does It Cost?

We can accommodate many different financing arrangements to suite your needs, whether for the home, office, commercial or industrial scale project requirements.

Full Rental Program starting at $99.00/mo and up (OAC)
Complete Leasing Program Available
Finance-To-Own Packages Available

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