Frequent Questions:

The following is a list of our most frequently asked questions. We hope you find the answers informative. We continue to do our best in providing you with the most relevant information about purchasing your home, financing or general questions related to this industry. If you have any specific questions not addressed, please let us know and we'd be glad to help.

Modular housing cost (short answer):

$75/sq.ft up to $115/sq.ft.

ex: $75 x 1,275 sq.ft = $95,625 (base price for neutral home only)

Modular housing cost (long answer):
The cost is affected by a number of calculations. The size (singlewide/doublewide/custom), if it’s to be put on a basement, foundation wall or sonotubes, what options you want in it, freight, setup, etc. Pricing per square foot is subject to change without notice. Modular homes are considerably less expensive than site build or other prefab homes. This is primarily because they are built under controlled conditions indoors, which allows for very little waste of materials and time waiting for the weather or tradesman. Materials are purchased in large quantities and the savings is passed on to you, the end consumer. You end up with a quality built home for a lot less money. If you would like a quote, please fill out the contact form with the home/park model you’re interested in, so we can learn some of the things you may want and we can provide you with a more detailed price.
How does HST affect the purchase of my new home?

When thinking about HST and Modular Homes you have nothing to worry about! The new HST rules will not affect the bottom line on your new home.

There are 2 rebates available to you. You will get back 75% of the PST portion and 36% of the GST portion on the new housing rebate program.

This closely mirrors what you paid in tax under the old system for Modular Homes. Don't let the HST gossip and fear spoil your plans for a new home! You've heard it direct from us after extensively researching and obtaining the right information to further serve our customers.

What is the difference between a modular home and a site built home?
Modular homes are built just like a site built home. The only difference is, it’s built indoors in a factory and comes delivered & ready to assemble in 2 parts. It has the same 2x6 walls, 2x10 or 2x8 floor joists, roof pitch, interior 3/8” drywall, furnace, ductwork, plumbing etc. as a site built home.
Where can I see a home?
When in stock, we have model homes at either of our locations. You can contact us/view driving directions by clicking on the contact page.
What size are they & how many bedrooms / bathrooms?
The homes are anywhere from 28x40 (1,120 sq. ft) up to 32x76 (2,432 sq. ft). They can be 2 to 4 bedroom and always have 2 bathrooms.
Can I modify the floorplans to suite my own needs?
Yes, the floorplans are extremely flexible. You can customize many aspects of the floorplans. We suggest picking a floorplan you like, and going from there. All plans can be viewed on our website.
Where can I put a modular home?
Anywhere you can build a site built home. New homes are CSA approved for anywhere in Canada. You just have to get a building permit just like a site built home.
Where are the modular homes built?
We have a few main suppliers to source our homes. They are built in the USA, but are built under the Canadian Building Code, CSA-A277. These homes meet CSA approvals based on our Canadian building codes. As a Canadian company, we are continually searching for quality Canadian worksmanship to offer to our growing customer base as well. In the event we feel 110% in offering a new manufacturers products, we'll update our website with their offerings and send out a twitter message stating our changes.
How do I pay for a Modular Home?
Payment is to be made in Canadian Dollars. You can pay via Bank Draft or Wire Transfer.
How long does it take to build a home?
From the time you place the order and we have received your payment, it normally takes about 6 weeks. During the off season it can take 4 weeks and in peak times it can take up to 7-8 weeks.
What do I have to take care of in the building process?
The purchaser must prepare the site to be ready for the chosen cement work. We will do the cement work if you are in our local area. You can also contract that work to a contractor in your area. You must also arrange for the hook ups of your utilities, and arrange for a well and septic to be built.
What does Ontario Modular Homes take care of on-site?
We deliver the house, put it together, seam up everything inside and out, replace siding on the two ends, attach chimney stacks, make sure the fireplace is connected and complete everything on the inside of the home. We will fix any cracks that may occur in the drywall and make sure everything is in 100% working order by the time you move in.
How long does it take to put the house together on-site?
This work usually takes our crew of 4-5 men about 5 days.
Do the homes come with the garage and porches like in the pictures?
Those items are always site build after the house is put together. They are an extra cost above the quote we provide to you. If you are in our local area, we will build those items on-site and will quote you separately.
Can I choose what I want in the home?
Yes, you have many options available to you. It’s almost like a custom built home. You pick the floor plan from any house listed on our website or give us your own and you pick your decor, interior, exterior and any extras like fireplaces, jacuzzi soaker tubs, patio doors, etc.
Is everything in the house? I need to move in!
Yes, it is a completely finished house. You just have to hook up to your utilities as described above.
Can I have hardwood floor or ceramic tile?
Yes we offer hardwood flooring or you can order the home with just subfloor and do it yourself. Ceramic tile cannot be done at the factory. You would have to order it without floor covering and have it installed yourself.
What if I want to do some work on the house myself?
You can order a house with or without many finishes, like cabinets, trim siding, etc. You can also opt to have you or your own contractors set it up.
Can I have a basement?
Modular homes can be placed on a full basement, 4 ft. foundation wall or on sonotubes with a poured pad around them. The Single wide homes can also be put on ABS pads.
Can I have a brick exterior?
The homes are built in the factory with siding. If you want brick you can order it without siding and can brick it on-site afterward. We offer a system of brick which does not require a foundation wall to support it. For more information on this process, please inquire about it when you contact us.
Are the homes energy efficient?
Yes, our homes have R50 in the ceiling, R24 in the walls and R28 in the floors. The furnaces are high efficient gas or propane. These furnaces can even support the future installation of solar panels to power your home. You can see all the features/specs on the homes in their respective pages on our web site.
What will the value of my home be when its completed?
Your modular home will have the same value as a site built home, determined by an MPAC assessment similar to any other home valuation. The future value of your home will hold as well, keeping in line with your neighbourhood and property values in your region.
Can I get insurance on my home?
You can get insurance the same way you get insurance as a site built home. They are not treated any differently. We insure the home from the time you order up to the time it is finished and installed. From that point on, you are responsible for your own insurance.
Can I get financing and a mortgage for my home?
Yes, you would go through the same process as you would if you were buying a site built home. Your lender will most likely give you a mortgage on your property and home combined. Your success in getting approved is dependent on the usual, like credit history, ability to repay, downpayment, etc.
Does Ontario Modular Homes offer in-house financing?
No. If you need financing, we can suggest some lenders that are more favourable than others, but we do not offer any financing ourselves.
What is the warranty on my home?
There is a one year warranty on the home. We come back to fix anything wrong in that time. Cracks and settling do occur so our final inspection is done after one year. Your new home package will describe this in detail. The appliances are warranted by the manufacturer for one year.
How can I find out even MORE information?
Please look over our web site. It has floorplan options, detailed list of specifications, the homes we offer, pictures, descriptions and general information on modular homes. Alternatively, you may call us during business hours for any help or suggestions. Also, to get an in-depth experience in what modular homes are all about, you can stop by our office and tour our model home(s)!